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The Architect and the Urn – exhibition in Seattle

In all the funeral planning research I’ve done, one of the most amazing monuments I’ve seen was made of  solid glass by a Seattle company, Lundgren Monuments.  Once you’ve seen them, you’ll never forget these extraordinary pieces of art.

Lundgren Monuments is the collaboration between two professional glass artists, Jim Nelsen and Greg Lundgren.

June 3-18, 2010 in Seattle,  Lundgren Monuments is hosting an exhibition of urns. As stated in their press release:

Lundgren Monuments is proud to present The Architect and the Urn – a west coast exploration of the cremation urn as architectural object, June 3 – July 18, 2010. Over thirty architects from Seattle to Los Angeles approach the design and concept of housing human ash in this complex and conceptually rich exhibition.

glass monuments

The Architect and the Urn, an exhibition on the design and concept of housing human ash


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“Shell” paper urn for burials at sea

urn burial at sea

"Shell" an urn made from pressed paper that dissolves in water over time

I stumbled upon this gorgeous  urn for burial at sea.

It’s made by Lots and Swedish design company. Messages can be written on the urn and there is a small pocket on the top to place sentimental objects.

I don’t know of any companies in the USA that carry the Shell urn, but I’ll look around.  Shell would make a fantastic addition to the Product Gallery’s urn collection.  People shopping for a biodegradable urn will love this elegant design. Again we’re all about presenting people with funeral planning choices.

I like it, but some may feel it looks like something out of a science fiction movie.  – AC

funeral planning urns

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