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Butterfly release class for funerals

butterfly release at funerals

The Association for Butterfly Release offers a free class on how to release butterflies at funerals

The Association for Butterflies is offering a free class on how to release butterflies at funerals.   With spring around the corner butterfly release may be a wonderful experience  for people grieving the loss of someone they loved.

Butterflies are symbolic of  regeneration and transformation. Plus, they are amazingly beautiful.

We have a category for Butterfly Release in the Product Gallery and are seeing that after urns and caskets, butterfly release generates a lot of interest from people doing funeral planning. Lots of clicks out to vendors butterfly websites each month.  – AC


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Handcarved Headstones and Memorial Stones from England


Handcarved Headstone from Stone Letters

Take a look at these beautiful one-of-a kind headstones.

Stone Letters is a UK company looking at growing its market into the USA.  We hope to add their products to the Product Gallery’s  Monument Category.

The Product Gallery is the best place to find a wide variety of funeral products and services.  For people doing funeral planning it’s  a great place to explore ideas and connect with businesses.  – AC

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Let’s transform the funeral industry

Funeral Product Gallery's new Product Gallery will help transform the funeral industry

That’s what I’m up to here at, transforming the funeral industry.

We want to see the industry open up so that people have more information and choice when it comes to funeral planning. has the best objective funeral planning information on the web and is now building the Product Gallery to provide more information and to help other funeral businesses grow.

In the three years that I’ve been working in the funeral industry I’ve seen many small funeral businesses fold. They typically are a mom and pop working from home, making urns or caskets to sell to the funeral homes or to the public.  Unless they find a a couple of funeral homes willing to sell their product these small businesses fail within a year.

We want to help these small independent businesses survive against the truly monolithic funeral industry.  And are doing so with a new feature on called the Product Gallery. We will pack the Product Gallery with as many funeral related businesses as possible. The obvious companies like casket and urn companies, but also service companies like ash scattering airplane pilots, butterfly release companies, DNA storage companies…..

Why? Because having as many businesses as possible in the Product Gallery moves us closer to our goal of transforming the funeral industry.

The more beautiful and diverse products we have in the Product Gallery, the more traffic we get, and therefore, the more leads we send to vendors in the Product Gallery. The more successful these businesses are in connecting with customers, the more the funeral industry will have to open up to businesses not necessarily partnered with funeral homes and, as a result, people will have more information and choice when funeral planning. Easy peezy!

I care. I want people to love the Product Gallery.  This model is a win – win for everyone.

Together we can transform the funeral industry.  – AC

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What’s Possible for

I’ve been taking classes with Landmark Education.

I’m impressed with the material. Landmark isn’t magic or religion. It is a “greatest hits” collection of the world’s best teachings on how to be a fulfilled human being.

I’m new at all this but sometimes I do feel empowered by the work; like I can make just about anything happen for myself.

Right now, is a website packed with information to help and encourage people who want to get involved in creating thoughtful and personal funerals, memorials and other end-of-life rituals for themselves and their loved ones.

Right now, helps small businesses gain traction in reaching families looking for unique products or services.

What else is possible for the site? Lots.  – AC

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