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I wrote the MY FUNERAL tool about a year ago. It’s a seven step questionnaire covering every conceivable topic of funeral planning. People can click through MY FUNERAL checking boxes as they go.  You can stop at any time and all your work is saved. You can return and complete or update the funeral plan at any time.

We want to add more dimensions to MY FUNERAL with an interactive gallery of options where appropriate. For instance, in the section asking about special readings  you want at your funeral, we’d like to add a searchable list of poems/readings to consider. Same thing with the song selection. Need to find a song for your funeral peruse the song gallery.

Here’s an example of a recent comment we received on MY FUNERAL:

Thank you for this tool.  What a gift to family to be able to make so many decisions ahead of time and record them, and to be able to update them annually. . .

Thanks again for making this tool available.  You have thought of so many details that I would not have thought of.

I intend to print my plan and give copies to family members, even though I am only 40, because you just never know…. It will be the last gift that I am able to give.  Thanks again for providing the tool on your site. – Dawn S.(quote used with permission)

When I told David about this I teared up. This email isn’t unique,  just one of the better written comments we’ve received.

This work means a lot to me.  I’m not giving up. I’m going to work to promote the growth of  thoughtful, personal, engaging, meaningful funerals and other end of life ceremonies in America.

Here we go! – AC


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