The power of bagpipes and Amazing Grace

Bagpipes at Funerals are packed with emotion

A couple of days ago, my sister attended the funeral of her best friend’s brother. The most moving moment was when a single bagpiper began Amazing Grace from the back of the church, walked up the aisle and escourted the family from the church still playing Amazing Grace.

Probably it’s more than just the bagpipes; it’s also the song— Amazing Grace. We all know it and can hang onto those words with all our might during  desperate times. It’s melody rocks us like a baby being held by something big and strong. The song tells us it’s going to OK. In ‘s new product gallery we’ve just added a category devoted to funeral music with a number of tunes performed on bagpipes.

No matter how unrealistic it may be,  it feels comforting to hear and momentarily believe that, “everything’s going to be alright”.

– AC


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