What are we afraid of?


Why are we grossed out by death? Are we afraid of ghosts?


The New York Times recently ran an Op-Ed piece by a professor at Emery University about American funerals and the trend away from involving the body, a corpse,  in the funeral.  It’s true, most of us are totally grossed out by dead bodies and with the increasing cremation rate, more people are opting for a memorial gathering without the body or even the ashes in attendance.

At a Halloween party last week  friends were talking about the Phillipino custom of taking family pictures with a dead body. They thought this practice was bizarre. These people are progressive and thoughtful and they think it’s gross to be around a dead body. I remember as a child seeing a  embalmed body at a funeral and also thinking it was weird and gross.  Why?

Why do we rush to call 911 the minute someone dies. Get this dead thing out of here! Just moments before it contained our loved one.

Are we afraid death is contageous?

Are we afraid something scary will happen if we touch a dead body if we’re present with it. Maybe we’re scared of ghosts?

– AC


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