The Vets



Veterans' Day Assembly at my daughter's Elementary School


My father-in-law served in the Philippines during WWII.  He was extremely lucky and has lots of stories about his experiences in the army.  Yesterday, my daughter’s elementary school had an assembly to honor veterans and the kids were encouraged to invite a veteran to the event. This is a new school for our family; we didn’t know what to expect.

The event was inspiring. Chet was given a star covered named tag that identified him as a veteran. The kids had made star necklaces that read, “Never Forget”.  The assembly was chock full of patriotic songs and presentations.

Toward the end, the student council vice president asked all the veterans to come onto the stage. I escorted Chet to the stage trying to avoid stepping on a the legs of the sprawling, but extremely well-behaved, elementary kids.  The crowd of kids and adults stood and applauded for a long time as we slowly moved to the risers.

Chet and the other vets were individually introduced and given a carnation.

On the way home, Chet told me he had never participated in any veteran event before.  I could hear the regret in his voice. He talks about his army experiences every day. I mean it. Everyday. His memory is failing but these 60-year-old memories are still strong.

Many people who served in the military feel the same way. This explains why there are so many military themed keepsakes  for veterans and their families. The Product Gallery contains the best collection of military caskets in the internet and we have around 15 flag cases for people to browse in the Product Gallery, but there are many more military themed keepsakes available that we’ll have to add in the near future.

– AC



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