Big Funeral Convention in Boston

nfda convention

National Funeral Directors Association convention this week

The National Funeral Directors Association is holding it’s huge annual convention now in Boston. Thousands of funeral directors from all over the world attend this event.

There are hundreds of exhibitors displaying the latest ideas in funeral related products and services.  There are also industry suppliers  like companies that make embalming fluid and gurneys with often interesting displays at their booths.

I wonder, with the recession and the hurting auto industry,  will the limo companies will have their customary huge blocks of  booth spaces to display their shinny black long cars?

At some point in the future, we will return to the convention and set up our fancy booth that fits into a suitcase.  Right now there are many companies providing a directory of funeral homes, ours is free.  We just want to provide the content to site visitors.   As grows  it is rising above the fray of other directory sites and now, we think,  is the leading funeral planning site. Leading because more and more people are coming out, looking at an increasing number of pages and staying on our site for 12 minutes — according to, once people find, they stay longer than on our competitor’s sites. People are finding  answers and explore their funeral options on  Whoo!

We offer the best funeral planning content on the internet.  We don’t care if it distracts people from shopping.

Our mission is to provide information for people planning funerals.




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