Ladies in White, a unique ash scattering service

The Ladies in White - ash scattering service in the wildlands of Montana

The Ladies in White - ash scattering service in the wild lands of Montana

Ladies in White  is yet another wonderful and unique option for people choosing cremation —  ashes scattered by hand in the mountains by a committed group of sincere women wearing all white. You know these women care. You can feel it from their website.  And you know they’ll strive to fulfill a family’s wishes on where and how the scattering is completed.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

Ladies in White, LLC, is a company of women that works to grant the final wishes of those who want their ashes returned to the earth at its most beautiful.  The Ladies are community members from all walks of life, and from a variety of faiths and perspectives.  They are business and professional women; tradeswomen, educators, healthcare workers, office workers and shop keepers; homemakers, mothers and grandmothers.  All are carefully selected for personal qualities of compassion and human understanding, and intensively trained for their work with Ladies in White.

The Ladies in White are now listing in the Product Gallery under Ash Scattering & More > Hiker.  Information about options like the Ladies in White is what makes’s new Product Gallery so fantastic. People can easily view many funeral options. I can’t wait until the Gallery is packed full with 60 categories of information for people to browse.

– AC


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