I Love My Mom

In the last week, two of my friends’ mothers died. Both women were in their mid-80s and had chronic illnesses. Yet, death is always a shock especially for these most intimate relationships.

Yesterday I spent most of the day with my extraordinary 85 year old mother-in-law,  Helen. She and Chet, my father-in-law, have been living in their own home without much help. But, we’ve noticed a decline.  Helen fell last week. We’re realizing that they need us now for daily tasks. We live 10 minutes away and have committed to being there to help every morning and every evening.

My mom, Grace, and Ella our oldest daughter

My mom, Grace, and Ella our oldest daughter

My mom is in her mid 70s and in better shape than I am. As corny and cliché as this sounds, the fact is, she’s my best friend. The thought that I will outlive her always causes me to tear up. Perhaps that impending loss, somewhere out there in my future has fueled my intense interest in the funeral industry and the creation of TheFuneralSite.com?

If I become an expert on funerals and how we pay tribute and memorialize our loved ones, will this help prepare me for the loss of my mom?  Do funerals help with the grief? Is there a better way to do this ritual so we can feel a little better or learn a little more?

All this is quite personal and not the usual subject of this blog, but it’s on my mind.



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