’s Product Gallery launches

Product Gallery's Cremations Jewelry gallery page

Product Gallery's cremation Jewelry gallery page

The Product Gallery is a product-centric informational tool for browsing funeral and memorial products and services that are available for delivery anywhere in the United States.  It is designed to help people find the exact product or service they want for a funeral, memorial, or other end-of-life gathering.

The Funeral Product Gallery is not a store.  Vendors include their products in the Gallery for FREE and if people are interested in the product, they click through to the vendor’s own web site. The vendor pays a minimal amount for that click.

The Product Gallery launched in the fall of 2009 and will eventually include many, many categories of products and services.  We’re starting out with the basics – Caskets, Urns, Scattering Options, Keepsakes, Flowers, but just you wait! Soon you’ll see much more.
The Product Gallery will be the best place on the internet, actually anywhere, to easily find every conceivable funeral related product or service.
Take a look!
– Anna


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