Urns from Salvaged Wood

We just added a new company into the Product Gallery Portland Natural Caskets. They sell wood caskets and urns made by hand. Portland Natural Caskets only delivers caskets to Washington and Oregon states, so their caskets are not in the Product Gallery, but their urns are. They have a listing for their caskets in their local funeral guide, www.portlandfuneralguide.com.

I was talking with Scott, the owner of Portland Natural Caskets, and he told me the artist who makes some of their urns stores logs he’s salvaged in his pond. The water prevents the logs from deteriorating.  When the artist is ready to begin a new urn project he literally jumps into the pond to pull up a log for the project. The urn are beautiful as you can see in the picture below. Each is made from a  single piece of wood.  David told me that it’s common to salvage wood from rivers and lakes near old lumber camps and mills. People can find excellent rare wood pieces of wood in perfect condition under the water.

Urn made from salvaged wood stored in a pond

Urn made from salvaged wood stored in a pond

We now have nearly 3,000 funeral related products and services in the Product Gallery.

I’m can’t wait until the Product Gallery is completely  filled out with every conceivable product and service available. I’m imagining around 40 major categories with hundreds of subcategories.

The Product Gallery will be the easiest way   to consider all options  and will be a great help to people trying to figure out what to do when funeral planning.  – Anna


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