Eulogy Writing – giving the speech

Giving the Eulogy Speech

Giving the Eulogy Speech

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You’ve made it! You’ve collected the information, gathered your thought, organized everything, written it up and now you’re ready to practice the speech. Yes, practice. You don’t want to practice, “I’ve got it down, I’m ready” or so you think. HA! No you’re not, not until you stand and say that speech OUT LOUD. You’ll find it’s hard to do and be thankful that you’re in the privacy of your own bathroom away from listening ears for this first experience speaking the eulogy out loud. The second time through will be much easier.
Step Five
Give the Eulogy Speech

Speaking before a group of people takes courage especially during times of stress and emotional turmoil. At a time when many are emotionally fragile your courage to stand in front of friends and family will be deeply appreciated. Everyone in attendance will appreciate that you’re standing up to speak on behalf of your loved one. They are on your side before you utter a word.

Practice Reading your Eulogy out loud. No matter it it’s memorized, perfectly written and you are extremely confident, standing and reading something out loud for the first time can be daunting. Force yourself to go into the bathroom or some other private place and speak the words aloud. It helps to have someone listen and give you feedback. One time through will take the edge off. Two times through will increase your confidence and three times through you’ll find yourself improvising and 100 times more comfortable with the eulogy. Ideally, see if you can practice the eulogy at the ceremony site.

Speak slowly and breathe. When we are nervous, we tend to speak too quickly. By speaking slowly, you give yourself time to think and choose your words. You also give people time to take in and think about what you’re saying.

Don’t worry if you become emotional during the eulogy and need to take a minute to collect yourself. Tears are natural; don’t apologize for them. Acknowledging and showing your feelings is healthy and honest.

Ask someone to help you read the eulogy if you become unable to continue. If you become overwhelmed with emotion and don’t want to continue, have your designated back-up person join you and continue the eulogy on your behalf.  It’s a good idea to provide your back-up person with a copy of the eulogy before hand so they can review it and be ready to fill in for you should the need arise.

Writing and delivering the eulogy is noble and worthy of thought and effort. It is a gift to the listeners and yourself as it will help on the road to healing from your loss.



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