Eulogy – begin by Collecting Information

Begin Writing a Eulogy by Collecting Information

Begin Writing a Eulogy by Collecting Information

Need to write a Eulogy and don’t know where to begin. Begin with reading the leading funeral planning website  –‘s new Eulogy Resource Center. The first step of the How to Write a Eulogy article is to collect information about your loved one.
Step One
Collect Information

Ask those close to the person for their input. Others will likely have terrific memories, stories and impressions that you can incorporate into the eulogy.  Call people that may not have been in contact for a while – the person’s childhood friends, an old teacher or boss. Make sure to get their permission to use the story. Contact these people at your earliest convenience; it may take them a while to come up with material.

Research biographical information – No matter how well you know someone, you still may need to make some phone calls or consult documents to discover basic biographical information about the person. You’ll want to create a very basic biography outline of the person’s life. Key things to include are:
Date and place of birth
Date and place of marriage
Education/work/career significant events

Places the person lived



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