Eulogy Advice – Introduction

The Eulogy Resource Center is now live on the world’s best funeral planning website – Launches the Eulogy Resource Center Launches the Eulogy Resource Center

The Eulogy Resource Center is a series of articles about how to write a Eulogy. It’s the best funeral eulogy resource on the internet.

Eulogies offer the speaker a chance to talk in personal terms about someone very important to him or her, someone they’ve loved, and so bringing the deceased person vividly into the minds of everyone listening. The eulogy also functions to say good bye or let go of the loved one. It is at once a greeting and a stepping away. Eulogies can be remarkable, moving experiences for speakers and audience members.

The most memorable and meaningful eulogies are ones that are spoken from the heart.  The point is to simply express positive feelings and experiences about the departed. You may have very little time to prepare, lower your expectations and just speak from your heart.

A eulogy is a speech in praise of a person. Keep it positive. Don’t display any negativity toward the person or other people in your eulogy. This is not the time or place to heal wounds or “set the record straight”. Focus on the good in a person’s life; it’s always there.

If it’s appropriate, include a few moments of humor or lightheartedness in your eulogy. Humor draws the audience in and relives stress.

Eulogies can range anywhere from 3 – 15 minutes. As a general rule, 500 written words equals about 10 minutes of speech time. Be careful not to exceed 15 minutes. You want the audience to listen and respond to the eulogy and not become bored or distracted.

The eulogy is not your final chance to say good bye or final tribute to your loved one. Take that pressure off. Throughout your life there will be countless ways to honor and memorialize your loved one.                                           – Anna


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