“Brides and Death! That’s what keeps us in Business!”- Part I

Hysterical laughter came over the phone when I introduced the www.SeattleFuneralGuide.com to one of the nicest hotels in the Puget Sound region. “Brides and death! That’s what keeps us in business!” the woman laughed. It was a no-brainer for them to purchase a listing in our local funeral planning guide.

What are the two biggest rituals we have? Weddings and funerals. Why are weddings such a production with every little detail personally considered and funerals lock-stock-and-barrel passed off to a stanger to  arrange for us? Often with limited options. “Would you like Plan A or Plan B?”

Why are we so caught off guard by death? We’re all going to die. This is not news to anyone.

Why not have a plan for what you’d like for your memorial gathering? I want to scream. THIS IS IMPORTANT! It’s important to acknowledge the significance of a single human life of someone we loved.  This is why I wrote MY FUNERAL  www.thefuneralsite.com ‘s nifty, free, on-line funeral planning tool. Don’t let someone else make your memorial a cookie-cutter, fill-in-the-blank event.  You owe it to yourself and to those who love you.

This is the first in a series of posts on the parallels between weddings and funerals from an event planning perspective.  Stay tuned!  – Anna


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