Scattering by Balloon

In our upcoming Los Angeles Funeral Guide we will include a listing for A company that scatters cremated remains by balloon. Scattering by balloon is really cool.

A small portion of cremated remains are placed inside a huge helium filled balloon. Family and friends gather to  release the balloon. After it’s release the balloon travels to an altitude of approximately five miles — FIVE MILES!! At that height the temperature is 40 degrees below zero. The balloon crystalizes and fractures, scattering the ashes in the heavens. 

The balloon fragments fall to the earth and decompose; the balloon is biodegradable.

I like how the family has control over the experience of “letting go”. The balloon can be released practically anywhere and the family/friends hold it until they are ready to release.

Scattering by balloon is another one of the many options available to you in funeral planning. – AC


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