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Washington state’s first green cemetery!


In reading Mark Harris’ blog this morning I discovered, that just a couple of hundred miles from me, a new green conservation cemetery now exists – White Eagle Memorial Preserve! We will be adding information about White Eagle to our ‘s article on green options in Washington and adding their information to our directories of cemeteries.  A local funeral home,  Erdman Funeral Home in Goldendale, Washington, helps facilitate burials on the preserve.

Here’s how they introduce their cemetery:

The White Eagle Memorial Preserve is a Conservation Burial Ground founded in 2008 and licensed by the state of Washington. This 20 acre cemetery is set within 1300 wild acres of permanently protected oak and ponderosa forest, meadow and steppe on the edge of spectacular Rock Creek Canyon near the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Washington State. Our mission is to provide a natural alternative to the death care industry as it currently exists in America.



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