Going out with a BANG

Indianapolis man's cremated remains incorporated in fireworks

Here’s another example of how a whole community memorialized someone they loved.

For 40 years, Meredith Smith ran the annual fireworks display for the city of Indianapolis. When he died at the age of 74 a small portion of his cremated remains, about half a teaspoon,  were included in the finale of this year’s fireworks display. The final huge white burst in the sky was a tribute to Meredith.  “I can’t think of a better way,” said family friend Kevin Moss.

In addition, hundreds wore T-shirts referring to the tribute as “the last shot”. 

This brilliant tribute embraced the entire city of Indianapolis and no doubt was exactly what Meredith wanted. Information about releasing cremated remains through fireworks is included on www.thefuneralsite.com along with tons of other beautiful ideas for creating tributes for your loved ones.  Don’t stop your funeral planning at the selection of an urn or casket. What ways can you think of that will memorialize your loved one or yourself — the sky’s the limit!     -AC


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