Pre-planning – Where do you fall?

I just ran across the survey results on “Getting Ready to Go” from the AARP conducted in November 2007.  The survey was a national sample of U.S. adults 35 years of age and older who were polled by telephone.

27% of the respondants had heard about and completed funeral arrangements or burial pre-plans.  Broken down by age segments the numbers were 35-49 years old (12%), 50-59 years old (30%) and 60 years & older (42%).

The numbers for the youngest group don’t surprise me but they do for the oldest group.  Less than 50% of adults 60+ have not completed funeral arrangements.  I know most people are uncomfortable talking about their death and thus planning for it.  But isn’t it incumbent upon someone over 60 to assist their loved ones with funeral plans?  Any one of us could go at any time so shouldn’t we all have plans in place?

Planning funerals is the key point of our web site  We provide articles, resources and tools to assist with funeral planning.  Funerals (or end-of-life celebrations) can be so personalized today – no need to have a “traditional” funeral if you want something special.  For instance, take a look at the casket gallery and see some of the amazing caskets and coffins available today that in no way resemble the caskets of your parents or grandparents.

 So have you planned your celebration yet?  If not, what’s keeping you from doing it?



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