I agree with John

wedd-2.jpgWhen John Lennon said, “Rituals are important.” He was talking about marriage. The next line is, “Nowadays it’s hip not to be married. I’m not interested in being hip.” (Right, well John, you were the hippest human beingever invented.)

Rituals are a feature of almost all known human societies, past or present. They include not only the various religious rites (Baptism, Bar & Bat Mitzvah…), but also the rites of passage like debutante balls and high school graduation. Actually, ritual is all around us – – we shake hands when we meet someone new, we stretch during the seventh inning.

I think rituals are important.  Especially rituals like marriage and, of course, funerals that invite us to gather our closest friends and family and reflect a little.

At the end of the day, what is the most important thing about living? Isn’t the answer always human relationships – the experiences we’ve shared with others.  Yet, how many times in a life do we actually invite significant people to gather? Maybe we’ll invite friends and family to gather for a wedding, but that’s about it. 

One hundred years ago, communities gathered together much more frequently. Now we  live thousands of miles away from our best friends and favorite aunt. It certainly is harder to gather when you have to pay for airfare, but this stuff is important. Like I said earlier, most people who’ve thought about it say that it’s the most important thing in life. So, let’s re-invent rituals to include picking up people at the airport.



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